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1.09.4 穿着落伍


  W: Her dress looks funny.

  M: I wouldn't say that. It looks fine to me.

  W: Are you kidding? She is behind the times. That style went out last year.

  M: Oh, come on, as long as it looks good on her.

  W: Well, you’re really as out-dated as she is.

  M: You’re darn right. I am out of style. So what? What's the point of keeping yourself in style?

  W: No wonder you never buy me a new dress.


  A: Do you know anyone who’s had plastic surgery?

  B: You mean like a breast enlargement? I don't think that's really necessary. That's not the way a woman should stay attractive.

  A: Why not? Why can't we go back to the way things were?

  B: Because… I don't know. But, Connie, you wouldn't do that, would you?

  A: Darned right I would!

  B: Maybe make-up would be enough?

  A: Come on, Liz. Be open-minded! Look at my eyes, they are puffy. And my eye bags, they are dark and loose and full of lines and circles. I really hope surgery can wipe out the tired feelings.

  B: But what would other people think?

  A: I don't care what other people think. I am ready for a lift.


  W: Oh, What happened to your face, John? It looks like a heat rash.

  M: It's a razor burn. I cut myself when I shaved this morning. The burns and cuts are really irritating.

  W: I can imagine. Maybe you shouldn't have grown a long, long beard.

  M: Well, I thought it would be fun and would make me look more mature and sophisticated.

  W: Yeah, my mature man!

  M: Any advice?

  W: Maybe you could shave in the shower. I heard the steam really helps soften your beard and moustache.

  M: Hm, sounds like a good idea.

  W: And you should probably avoid pressing too hard or tugging on your skin while shaving.

  M: I think I’ve been stretching it too often when I shave.


  A: Good afternoon, sir. Please sit here.

  B: A haircut and a shave, please.

  A: How would you like your hair cut, sir?

  B: Short on both sides. Not so much off at the back.

  A: Very well, sir. Do you want me to trim your beard?

  B: Yes, please.

  A: Now have a look, please. Is it all right?

  B: Well. I would like my hair cut shorter on the temples.